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Kerala has witnessed two cases of the gastrointestinal infection norovirus.


  • Norovirus is one of the primary causes of gastroenteritis. Majority of the victims are below five Years and above 65 years.
  • The virus is capable of surviving low temperatures & outbreaks tend to be more common during the winter & in colder countries.
  • Hence, it is sometimes referred to as “winter vomiting disease”.


The infection occurs through contaminated food & water. It can spread between humans due to Contact.


Major symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea & abdominal pain. It is associated with Dehydration.


There is no particular medication to treat norovirus illness. To avoid dehydration, liquids have to be consumed.


  • Following hygienic practices, including washing hands with soap
  • Using disinfectants to wash areas inhabited by infected person.
  • Food items must be washed and cooked at high temperatures.

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